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Trine the real Grandma
Trine has just became a Grandmother for the son of her daughter Nana and the father is Rasmus. Little Carl Marckmann-Andersen is healthy, heavy and long. Trine is active in helping to nurse the baby.

Congratulations !!!

Peter and Christoffer decided to go in April for a short trip to India in April. We experienced a lot: a nice contact with the Indian friends, one of the leading economies that makes incredible impression of a total chaos, undescribable contrasts in the real time and space. To complete the description, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano on Iceland first grounded us in Delhi and then sent us to the township of Rovaniemi in Finland above the Arctic Circle.

Ari is getting self-sufficient
Ari Kofler is one year now. Since his birth he learned how to crawl, how to laugh and how to be a good kid. He has very regular life and is so called easy child. It is a pleasure to be with him and talk to him. He then opens his big, blue, intelligent eyes with the looong lashes and listens carefully.

There are new photos taken of Ari. See Ari here

Historical family reunion in Ireland
Creanes, Berengauts and Koflers met in June in the Western Ireland. The idea of the meeting came from Susan Creane. Supported eagerly by the rest of the family Susan arranged a large and comfortable house in Connemara area, close to Claddaghduff (see the map) See some shots here The area is incredibly gorgeous, windy and almost deserted for people. See the landscapes from the Western Ireland


Holiday on the Island of Falster
The Danish branch of the Koflers spent recently a week on the Island of Falster. Due to the presence of Emmalyn & Jonnathan there was time for some discussions, tours and enjoying each other. On the photo the family id on one of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark.


Tour to the 'Tivoli' garden
Peter, Isabel, Hannah and I had a nice tour to the ''Tivoli Garden'' in the center of Copenhagen. ''Tivoli'' is a amusement park full of flowers and other attractions in Copenhagen Downtown. Danish children associate ''Tivoli'' with fun, crazy behaviour and everything which is not accepted usually by the parents . . .

Peter in Czernobyl

Believe it or not, Peter visited Czernobyl in Ukraine. However strange it would sound he had an unforgetable experience that turned upside down his imaginations about the event that took place the 26th of April 1986.See his own photos


On Bornholm
Again we revisited Bornholm. As usually the weather was sunny, the air clear as crystal but it was cold and windy. In spite of November there was enough to do. Long walking tours to the beautiful small towns, meeting with Kathrine's large family including a nice 50th birthday party of one of the members and . . .  the wonderful food.See some shots

Hannah is a lovely kid. She talks a lot loves discussing serious subjects. It is important that she has an excellent contact with Isabel. It is a great advantage that the girls have each other. However Hannah and Isa are very different . . .  See Hannah's homepage


Isabel became a serious conversation partner. She sometimes discuss serious topics ("Dad use to be different", "I like Daniel"). She uses the literary Danish language. I wonder how soon she'll start discussing politics with us? See her newest photos on Isabel's homepage

Kathrine Dam Kofoed

Kathrine is my girlfriend. She is sweet and lovely girl with plenty of wit and humor. We share not only our lives but also great many hobbies. For more click on this link

Highwire and KPI Communications A/S
The other day I had an opportunity to visit the offices of Jacob's company "Highwire" and Peter's company "KPI Communications A/S" The facilities are located on the penthouse of a nice building and appear modern and well furnished The offices are placed in the neighbourhood of the oldest filmstudio in the world - "Nordisk Film". The visit was interesting and made me proud.See some shots

Helene Hansen
Helene - after giving birth to Ari she is already in the whirl of the work. Helene works eagerly. She is involved in some interesting Tv-productions for various companies. In the same time she takes care of the cat Kaptajn, a nice fluffy guy with a graphite colour fur. For more see: Kaptajn the Cat

Jacob works hard producing televison and market driven corporate campaigns. He is involved in several projects requiring high attention and having very short deadlines. He is an excellent father. Very good that he can find time for his old passion: music. He established a sound studio equipped with the modern acoustic equipment and musical instruments in his office. There together with his colleagues he can produce music for his projects. Visit Jacob's company site

Tour to the ZOO

On one of the gorgeous days in October Jacob and I went to the Copenhagen zoological garden. Jecob has always been a great lover of animals. I remember when we for the first time went to the ZOO in 1978, the only animals that attracted Jacob's attention then were the sparrows on the lawn . . . See some shots

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Frederiksberg Park
Founded in 1651 by the king Frederik the 3rd, the Frederiksberg Park became today the lungs of the central Copenhagen with its idyllic look and romantic history See its summer panorama

Brahms' Legacy
"Brahms was one of the first composers in the history who realised that after his death he will become a part of the music history. Probably for that reason in 1890, a tired elderly man looked through his compositions, destroying those, he considered being redundant.

Gershwin's burnt rubber
 "After his concert in February 1937 Gershwin said " . . .during my whole appearance I felt disturbed by a strange smell of burnt rubber . . ."

S. Prokofiev's Ouverture
"The Overture on Hebrew Themes was composed by Prokofiev in 1920 during his brief period of residence in the United States. Unlike his compatriots Rachmaninov and Stravinsky, Prokofiev was given permission to leave the Soviet Union..."
Hear an excerpt of Prokofiev's Ouverture

Why Silver ?
 "His exciting career, as many other careers, started by an accident when Stan Getz, an already recognised saxophone player needed in 1950 a replacement for his usual pianist Al Haig..."

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