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Painting: Halina 1973 Painting: Jacob -1993
Halina-1973 Jacob-1993
Painting: Halina 1986 Painting: Greek Study-2
Halina-1986 Greek Study - 2
Painting: Peter-1993 Painting: Greek Study-1
Peter-1993 Greek Study - 1
Painting: Torso Painting: Girl in the sun
Torso Girl in the Sun
Painting: Lake in the forest Painting: Garden
Lake in the forest Garden in Alleroed
Painting: Auto portrait 2006 Painting: Herbs
Auto-portrait Herbs
Painting: Yellow hill Painting: Goshawk over hayfield
Yellow hill Goshawk over hayfield
Painting: Farm in the mountains Painting: Winter in the forest
Farm in the mountains Winter in the forest
Painting: Summer in Holte Painting: Winter landscape
Summer in Holte Winter landscape
Painting: Summer landscape Painting:Autumn landscape
Summer landscape Autumn landscape
Painting: Fall Painting:Laguna
Fall Laguna
Painting: Clouds Painting:Orchard
Cloud Orchard
Painting: Downtown Painting:Tisvilde Strand-1
Downtown Tisvilde Strand-1
Painting: Tisvilde Strand-2 Painting:Auto Portrait
Tisvilde Strand-2 Auto Portrait
Painting: Blizzard in the City Painting:Jacob portrait
Blizzard in the City Jacob
Painting: Peter portrait Painting:Auto Portrait
Peter Auto Portrait
Painting: Snowy Hill Painting:Drowning Orange
Snowy Hill Drowning Orange
Painting: Trine Portrait Painting:Tomek Portrait
Anne Kathrine 2009 Thomas
Painting: Manuela Portrait Painting:Julian Portrait
Manuela Julian
Painting: Scrambled Egg with Trembulka Painting:Space for a new one
Yigal Scrambled Egg with Trembulka
Painting: Louise Portrait Painting: Helene Portrait
Louise Helene
Painting: Kristofer Portrait Painting: Margareta Portrait
Kristofer Margareta
Painting: Hannah Portrait Painting: Isabel Portrait
Hannah Isabel
Painting: Nana Portrait Painting: Ari Portrait
Nana Ari
Painting: Eva Portrait Maria's Portrait
Eva Maria
Painting: Eva Portrait Summer in Tyrol
Danish Summer Summer in Tyrol
Painting: Samantha Portrait Vadim Portrait
Samantha Vadim
Painting: Andrzej Portrait Vanessa Portrait
Andrzej Vanessa
Painting: Janusz Portrait Lena Portrait
Janusz Lena
Painting: Fungi Hunt
Fungi Hunt Fir
Painting: Svaneke Painting: Zbyszek
Svaneke Zbyszek
Painting: Thor Painting: Broken Pier
Thor Broken Pier
Painting: Moon over city Painting:Stammer, the Bornholmian
Moon over City Stammer, the Bornholmian
Painting: Copenhagen K Painting:Copenhagen in rain
København K Copenhagen in rain
Painting: Choleric Painting:Flegmatic
Four Temperaments: Choleric Four Temperaments: Flegmatic
Painting: Melanholic Painting:Sangvinic
Four Temperaments: Melanholic Four Temperaments: Sangvinic
Painting: Melanholic Painting: Silent water
No Snow This Winter Silent Waters Run Deep
Painting: Mila Portrait Painting: Shtetl
Mila Shtetl of Dobromil
Painting: Trine Portrait 2015 Painting: Next painting
Anna Kathrine 2015 Gilleleje Harbour
Painting: Vilbert Portrait 2015 Painting: Weather is Changing
Vilbert Portrait 2015 Weather is Changing
Painting: Ilia Portrait 2015 Painting: Danish MarshScape
Ilia Portrait 2015 Danish MarshScape
Painting: Dizengoff Street Painting: Joergen portrait 2015
Dizengoff Street Jørgen 2015
Painting: Eva Due - 2015 Painting: House in Stammershalle
Eva 2015 House in Stammershalle
Painting: Stammershalle-the Hen Cliff Painting: Mahler's Symphony
The Hen-cliff in Stammershalle Mahler's Symphony
Painting: The Last Boeing 747 Painting: Family in Gribskov
The Last 747 The Family in Gribskov
Painting: Portrait with Easel - 2015 Painting:Ceylon Memory
Portrait with Easel Ceylon Memory-2015
Painting:Jacob - 2015 Painting:Eda
Jacob - 2015 Eda
Painting:Peter - 2016 Painting:Isabel-portrait-2016
Peter - 2016 Isabel - 2016
Painting:Hannah - 2016 Painting:Louise portrait-2016
Hannah - 2016 Louise Portrait-2016
Painting:Arie-2016 Painting:Helene-2016
S. Arie on the Roof - 2016 Helene - 2016
Painting:Chana-2016 Painting:Manuel-2016
Chana-2016 Manuel-2016
Painting:Gitte-2016 Painting:S.Noah-2016
Gitte-2016 S. Noah-2016
Painting:Filip-2016 S.Arie Portrait-2016
Filip-2016 S.Arie-2016
Painting:Jacob-2016 Jazz Band
Jacob-2016 Round Midnight
Painting:H.Nemeth-2016 Harbour in Tejn
H. Nemeth-2016 Harbour in Tejn
Painting:Trine & Stammer-2016 Dacing Girls
Trine & Stammer-2016 Dancing Girls
Painting:Here we pick Birch Boletes-2016 Rock in Town
Here we pick Birch Boletes Rock in Town
Painting:Klezmer in Pechnizhin New painting
Klezmer in Pechinizhin Around the Lake of Damhus
Painting:Wood Anemons Playing solo
Wood Anemons Playing Solo
Painting:Wood Anemons Carl-2016
Kirstine-2016 Carl-2016
Painting: Vineyard Azaleavej 28
Vigneto in primavera Azaleavej 28
Painting: Return to Harbour
Return to Harbour Dahlias
Painting: The Tiller It's blowing again
The Tiller It's Blowing Again
Painting: Sluseholm Edward
Sluseholm Edward
Painting: Cyla Swans in Stammershalle
Cyla Swans in Stammershalle
Painting: Dondal Waterfall Holy Cliffs
Døndal Waterfall Holy Cliffs - Bornholm
Painting: Sorrow Joy
Sorrow Joy
Painting: Solitude Lonely Fighter
Solitude Lonely Fighter
Painting: Temptation Raining Cats and Dogs
Temptation Raining Cats and Dogs
Painting: Sheep on Stammershalle Lion's Head
Sheep on Stammershalle Lion's Head - Bornholm
Painting: Mathilde Nykirke in Nyker
Mathilde Nykirke in Nyker, Bornholm
Painting: Døndal waterfall Dueodde-Bornholm
Døndal Waterfall-Bornholm Dueodde-Bornholm
Painting: Sunset at Stammershalle Trine elsker Stammer
Sunset at Stammershalle Trine loves Stammer
Painting: Sylvain Frederiksberg Park
Sylvain Frederiksberg Park
Painting: Olive Harvest Hammershus-Bornholm-1580
Olive Harvest in Parga Hammershus - year 1580-Bornholm
Painting: Hammershus Bay sandvig Beach - Bornholm
Hammershus Bay year 1580 Sandvig Beach - Bornholm
Painting: Helligdoms klipper Lillegården-Bornholm
Helligdoms Klipper-Bornholm Lillegård-Bornholm
Painting: The St Lawrence Ship Thomas
SS St. Lawrence - Copenhagen Thomas
Painting: Mathias 2019 Christianshavn
Mathias Christianshavn
Painting: Jacob 2019 Jozef
Jacob 2019 Jozef
Painting: Miriam 2019 Ewa
Miriam Ewa
Painting: Nyhavn Space for a new painting
Nyhavn - Copenhagen Space for a new painting

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