Snabel K

Right in the center of Copenhagen, in the area of Frederiksberg there is a Frederiksberg Park

It is tempting to compare it with the Central Park in New York. The one in Copenhagen is just more beautiful.

These photos were taken in the Winter of 2006

The entrance Large, spacy areas look like a virgin forest
The hills and the large flat ranges give perspective The gorgeous Frederiksberg Palace
Apart from the walking ranges, there are small lakes Lovely  trimmed willow trees in the Frederiksberg Palace area
A closer look discloses  a vivacious bird life in the Park. Swans . . . . . . wild ducks . . .
. . .  grebes . . . . . . and wild geese.
The largest curiosity, however, are the fish herons One of the beautiful heron species
A majestic male bird Isn't it fascinating ?

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