This is a photo of me


Peter is my youngest son and
 makes living as business consultant running his own company KPI-Communications A/S and advertising agency FreeAgentAdisory.

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 Peter is also a passionate golf player.

Louise Kofler - Peter's wife. She is a nurse working in one of the largest hospitals in Copenhagen.

Isabel is Peter's & Louise's oldest daughter

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Hannah is Peter's & Louise's youngest daughter

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Jacob is my oldest son. He is graduated from the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus and University of Missouri-Columbia, USA . He works as producer & partner  in the company "Highwire", producing documentary films, television series and advertisements.

Highwire composes and produces also original music, from corporate audio logos to film scores. 

Visit the link of Jacob's company


Helene is Jacob's girlfriend. She is a master in media processing working freelance for different film and TV making companies as producer


Ari - Helene's & Jacob's child


Vilbert - Helene and Jacob's second child

Kaptain - Helene's & Jacob's cat

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