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In the mid November we closed the season on Bornholm or, as Kathrine calls the place: "on the island".

As usually the weather was sunny, the air clear as crystal but it was cold and windy.

In spite of November there was enough to do. Long walking tours to the beautiful small towns, meeting with Kathrine's large family including a nice 50th birthday party of one of the members.

Not to forget brilliant food such as freshly slaughtered pork and freshly caught fish, particularly the herrings and salmons.

Bornholm's landscapes in November 2007
Small boat harbour Picturesque small town of Gudhjem
Typical Borholm's smokehouse Cormorants on the cliffs
Natural harbour in Stammershalle Remainings of the autumn colors
Gudhjem Gudhjem
Blue sea Bornholm's architecture
Dan Grønnegaard - the birthday boy Common song for Dan

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